Indigo dyeing is such a magical process!

In case you missed the pics on Facebook and Instagram, here’s a little gallery of the fabulous work produced by the students on my recent indigo dyeing workshop – Nature’s Beautiful Blues at Open Studios Altrincham.

Starting with setting up the indigo vat, we clamped, printed, stitched and folded lots of samples before the students decided on their favourite techniques for their silk scarves. We tried classic techniques like wrapping and folding then hunted around the studio for other items we could use to pattern our samples. From lollipop sticks to hair rollers, chickpea flour to pva, no idea was left untested!

And to add a little spice to the mix, we also did some super overdyeing with cochineal and weld to create some stunning greens, yellows, purples and pinks.

I’ll be running another course soon so if you’d like to try your hand at this ancient and fascinating technique, message me via the contacts page or sign up to the newsletter (in the sidebar) and be the first to hear about the next course!