Eco-printing a silk scarf

Here’s a brief pic-torial to accompany our ‘Just Add Leaves’ eco-printing and bundling kit. There are, of course, full instructions in the kit but to give you a taster of what you can do with the kit, here’s my quick ‘how-to’ showing one method of printing onto fabrics and paper with leaves and plants from the garden….

In addition to a luxurious silk scarf, wrapping tube, wrapping cord and elastic bands, our kit also includes one of our lovely new natural dyestuffs. Choose from madder roots for reds, oranges and browns; cochineal bugs for pinks, reds and coral; fustic chips for rich golden yellows and olive greens and logwood chips for purples, lavenders, lilac and grey.

The kit can also be used for rust-printing, simply add your selection of rusted found objects, dip in the citric acid in the kit and follow the instructions for leaves 🙂

For more information and inspiration, do also check out India Flint’s book, Eco Colour, available from our website.