It’s been a busy start to the year with not much blogging time! So what has been happening? Well, lots of teaching, an exciting video project, planning new workshops and testing and developing new products.

I’m loving the Thursday Textiles Group – working with a group regularly is a great way to develop new ideas and test out techniques. They are very much my pioneers (or guinea pigs depending on your perspective!) for new projects, trying out new products and experimenting. Being able to work on a project over several weeks makes longer and more in-depth learning projects possible. It also allows for mistakes and ’do-overs’ to be turned into exciting, if unplanned, results. Pieces initially abandoned can be pulled out of the cupboard weeks or even months later and incorporated into new and beautiful work.

In the last couple of months we’ve been contact printing (ecoprinting) on silk scarves using leaves for prints and natural dye extracts. We’ve tried thickening extracts for mono and blockprinting, discharge printing, stencilling, shibori and lots of other fun stuff. If you’re on Facebook or Instagram I usually put up pics of our latest exploits but there’s a short slideshow here to give you a flavour!

We are currently open to new members and you’ll be made very welcome so if you’re in the area do drop in, see what we do and if you enjoy it we’d love to have you join us.

Thursdays, 10.30-12.30pm at Altrincham Open Studios

For more info, check out the events page or pop over to our Facebook group. (and do visit the Studio’s Facebook page for information about the wide range of courses, events and exhibitions).

crochet for beginners workshop with Debbie Tomkies 02